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When Do You Really Need Roof Repairs?

When Do You Really Need Roof Repairs?

An Up Close Look At Your Roof Tells the Real Story

When it comes to roof repairs, you really need to look at a roof close-up to determine what kind of repair is needed. You just cannot see what is really going on from a distance. It requires climbing up there and taking a close look. This way you can find holes and other damage you would never see from the ground.

When in doubt you can call a so-called expert, but he would anyway do what you had done, checking to see if there is a big gaping hole in the roof. The first thing that would be done is to locate the drip or leak from inside the house and then gauge from outside where it could be. What should be done is if you suspect it could be in the seam of the roofing sheets is to use a waterproofing material to seal the seams. You would have to start using the waterproofing material from the highest part of the roof all the way down the seam, as the water could actually just be trickling down the length of the sheet of corrugated iron or a beam.

Buying the right type of waterproofing material is also important as various roofs use various products to repair. It is also important to remember that if you have used water-based paint on your roof that you would need to use a waterproofing material that would work with water-based paint, and the same would go for oil-based paint and waterproofing material. The best thing actually to do is if there is paint on the roof, a bit of light sanding and priming would be necessary for the waterproofing material to adhere properly. Since not every roof is made of the same materials, you cannot use corrugated roofing material on a clay roof to repair it, it doesn’t make sense in the first place to do that.


Roofing Options – Clay Tiles, Corrugated Steel Roofs, Slate or Bitumen Shingles

Even though the porosity of the various roofing materials differs, they still keep moisture out. Clay tiles may look very dry, and seem that water can get through it, when it is produced a waterproofing substance is added to the manufacturer’s recipe.

You may want to save some money and time by installing a corrugated steel roof, but they do not have a long life if they do not get routine maintenance. If you are looking for a shingle with a longer lifespan, you may want to consider slate and bitumen shingles rather than corrugated steel roofs. You do want to keep in mind though that if you are inexperienced at roof repair and want to do it yourself, you may have a pretty difficult time doing this kind of repair.

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