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Roof Repair Tips Everyone Should Know


Here are a few tips to consider when you need roof repair work done. It’s easy to spot these problems yourself and avoid what could be a very expensive roofing job if caught in time. Prevention is always the best way to go when it comes to home maintenance.

DIY Roofing Inspections

When inspecting your own roof for problems, some things will be clearly obvious like crumbling tiles, but it is the hidden problems that will haunt you. All roofs have a limited lifespan, and when yours has expired it is time to bring in a professional. Yes, replacing the roof can be expensive but wooden roof trusses rot when exposed to the elements, so doing nothing can become extremely expensive. If your roof is starting to sag, then roof replacement may be your only option. We do not advise waiting that long to address a problem with your roof.

There are a few things to consider. Should you repair and maintain for a while, or bite the bullet and have the roof replaced? It may cost less, in the long run, to spend the money on a new roof now rather than opt for damage control. Before you pull that trigger, here are a few tips while doing your own investigation.

Roof Repair & Inspection Tips

  • During inspection avoid walking on your roof
  • Use a ladder and binoculars to get the best possible view
  • Do an exterior and an interior inspection

The outside assessment should be done first. Obvious signs of damage can be seen right away, such as

  • Algae growth
  • Curling, blistering, missing or broken shingles
  • Missing granules or rotting shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Buckling or sagging in the center of the roof
  • Loose or exposed nails
  • Dark patches that look dirty
  • Rusty spots

Indoor Signs To Look For

Performing an indoor inspection will give you a good idea of what’s going on when you talk to any local roofers. Look for ceiling spots or obvious sagging between the rafters. How soon we catch the problem will determine how expensive the job will be. We suggest you have us perform an in-depth evaluation of your roof if you suspect trouble.

It is difficult for an amateur to pinpoint exactly where a leak originates, so you need someone with the right equipment to do that for you. With a professional inspection, you have a better idea of how much damage there really is. An experienced roofer can determine if a simple roof repair is enough or if you need to replace the roof entirely.

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