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Residential Roofing Simplified

Residential Roofing Choices Simplified

There are few circumstances where a band-aid solution is a right choice once the roof has reached its limit. Roof replacement trumps repair most of the time for many reasons. Re-sale value, cosmetic appearance, and of course peace of mind are all good reasons to consider replacing the roof. That’s when you need to get in touch with a professional roofer from Carlisle Roofing Contractors. 

The Lifespan of Typical Residential Roofing

There is a time in each home’s life when roof replacement is unavoidable. Depending on the level of roof maintenance you have practiced and local conditions, the roof requires occasional repairs as well as an eventual replacement.

The traditional life of a roof is about 15 – 20 years depending on circumstances. If you opted for a higher quality roof installation last time the roof was done then it might have lasted 30 – 50 years. That aside, once you discover missing shingles and visible signs of trouble it’s probably best to replace the roof rather than go for the cheaper roof repair alternative. This is a call best left to a professional whom you can trust.

So let’s say you’ve called a roofing contractor and he comes over to do an estimate. He says it’s important to replace the roof, and that roof repair isn’t a good choice because the leaks you thought were minimal, turn out to be a serious problem and could result in structural damage. To understand the lingo better, visit our page on roof repair tips to better understand exactly what a contractor is saying when discussing your roof.

When you call, ask about algae-resistant shingles. They are a great upgrade that keeps your roof looking nicer for many years longer than usual and will even extend the lifespan. For quality work and a great residential roofing company, call us today

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